My early work background was in computers. I taught people how to use personal computers (as opposed to terminals). I managed a network comprised of Unix, Macintosh, and PCs. I helped people figure out what they wanted on their first websites and worked with some really incredible people who could do just about anything I dreamed of.

Then, God called.

And so I thought that I left all that tech stuff behind. But here I am – working in communications ministry at United Methodist Communications, and I’ve seen how people I work with in other countries light up when they learn about innovations created for them…many of which are free. Wouldn’t you be excited too, when so many of the world’s products have been created with those who have “buying power” in mind?

I’m working as a connector…a joint in the Body of Christ, so to speak…connecting people with technology, training but probably most importantly…with each other. Along the way, there will be stories to tell. There already are, but ya gotta start somewhere.



2 Responses to About

  1. Neelley:

    On the God-called connector meme: my adopted tribe (long story) posted this article
    short version: rural churches dying, need millennial infusion.

    I’ve been tracking the growth of very fast broadband (Gigs) as a separate phenomenon in the US, especially the rural co-op and/or municipal kind that the incumbents (lobbyists) try to thwart via state legislation. I’m wondering if you are hearing stories of rural UMC congregations “reconfiguring” as part co-work/makerspaces to support an infusion of millennials who knowledge work?

    Also: your post about your roots was excellent!

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