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No Greater Gift

Set out for Kindu at the crack of dawn in Kinshasa, and on the way saw Bishop Gabriel Unda at the airport transfer in Kisangani. Upon arrival in Kindu, Matt Crum, Pierre Omadjela and I were greeted by a UMC Conference delegation – we could see them as we were getting off the plane. Much development is going on around the airport – with buildings and businesses and better roads. Pierre said,

“We just need peace and then we can build.” Continue reading

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The Toll of Ebola upon Communities

Ebola is hurting more than the body. It strikes at the chord of humanity that seeks to live as one usually does – touching those we care about. The role of the church is to continue to speak with an active voice…to amplify the voices of those who are least heard among the often shallow, meaningless voices of the day. Can we overcome? Continue reading

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