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Women of the Congo Arise

United Methodist Women in the East Congo Episcopal Area are helping rape survivors emerge from misplaced blame and isolation. In this place often called the “rape capital of the world,” brutal sexual assaults are not crimes against one person – … Continue reading

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No Greater Gift

Set out for Kindu at the crack of dawn in Kinshasa, and on the way saw Bishop Gabriel Unda at the airport transfer in Kisangani. Upon arrival in Kindu, Matt Crum, Pierre Omadjela and I were greeted by a UMC Conference delegation – we could see them as we were getting off the plane. Much development is going on around the airport – with buildings and businesses and better roads. Pierre said,

“We just need peace and then we can build.” Continue reading

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Skype by Candlelight

I regularly work with people who live in the Congo, even though I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Last week, I got on Skype at a scheduled time to meet with Betty Kazadi Musau. Just as we had planned, she was online and we began catching up on her work with a computer lab in Kamina. She mentioned that electricity was out, which shocked me – how could we be meeting without electricity? Continue reading

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If a tree falls…

In Mitwaba DRC, a tornado struck on Nov 19 and people have been suffering there without any outside assistance. Joseph Mulongo manages Friendly Planet Missiology and is crying out as loudly as he can for help. Continue reading

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