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Learning to ROAR

I came up with a method (ROAR) to channel energy during this presidency, and now I’m working it. Here’s my first experience. Continue reading

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I Cannot Stand Idly By

Rallying cries resound from women marching in the streets – stirring something within me that challenges me on many levels. I want to make a difference. But why? How? What difference will my actions make for those I love, for our daughters, our granddaughter and still future generations? Continue reading

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The Thread is Raised

As a group of us discussed presidential politics, a friend visiting from Africa casually said, “Racism has been a part of America from the start, but people were just afraid to speak out because it was politically incorrect. Donald Trump is simply voicing the opinions of the people who have been silent.” Continue reading

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Hushed Tones

I remember growing up in a somewhat small town in Mississippi where the word “divorced” was said in a hushed tone. Women who were “divorced” and not remarried were seen as a little dangerous…a little tawdry. Those who spoke against divorce used Scripture to prove how wrong it was, and how righteous they were in standing against it. Continue reading

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