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A social innovator in communication strategies & technologies for global development, Neelley is the founder of Harper Hill Global. Check out her game-changing work:

Hearing the Cry of Tamar

I really can’t remember who first told me that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is called the “Rape Capital of the World.” It stuck with me though… Continue reading

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New Beginnings

Innovation and connection is at the heart of who I am, and how I am called to serve the world. So…what’s next? Continue reading

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She’s the one I tried to return or exchange. Twinkie was just about the prettiest blond Cocker Spaniel you’ve ever seen, but from the start, she was cantankerous, feisty, independent, and one could say, an introvert. Humans were around to feed her, with only a few deemed worthy to touch her, and even then, when she’d had enough, she let you know it. I’ve been bitten quite a bit over the 15 1/2 years of her life. Recently I noticed that it didn’t hurt so bad now that she’d lost some teeth. Continue reading

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The Thread is Raised

As a group of us discussed presidential politics, a friend visiting from Africa casually said, “Racism has been a part of America from the start, but people were just afraid to speak out because it was politically incorrect. Donald Trump is simply voicing the opinions of the people who have been silent.” Continue reading

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Global Communications through a Basic Handset

In 3 weeks, 12 countries participated, with 9 admins sending over 80k SMS to 3,300+ people. Continue reading

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The 183rd Liberia Annual Conference

Speaking Notes: February 10, 2016, Buchanan Liberia Bishop Innis, esteemed guests, brothers and sisters in Christ, I bring greetings on behalf of United Methodist Communications, and General Secretary Dan Krause. I am attending with our West Africa special projects manager … Continue reading

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“The Lost Generation”

Written by a young man at my church, this response to recent events calls adults to embrace and guide the youth of our day Continue reading

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Why the church should care about ICT4D

(Speech given at Game Changers Summit, September 17, 2015. See coverage.) I am Rev. Nancy Neelley Hicks – the director of ICT4D Church Initiatives, here at United Methodist Communications. I’d like to personally welcome you – as so many of … Continue reading

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Maternal/Child Health Initiative

Sanika S. Chirwa, PH.D professor of neuroscience and pharmacology in the School of Medicine, and Karen Berson, associate vice president for corporate & foundation relations, had the privilege of carrying out the mission of Meharry as they traveled to Zimbabwe, Africa to attend the Maternal/Child Health Initiative Plenary Meeting last February 2015. The trip was sponsored by United Methodist Women (UMW) and The Black College Fund. Continue reading

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No Greater Gift

Set out for Kindu at the crack of dawn in Kinshasa, and on the way saw Bishop Gabriel Unda at the airport transfer in Kisangani. Upon arrival in Kindu, Matt Crum, Pierre Omadjela and I were greeted by a UMC Conference delegation – we could see them as we were getting off the plane. Much development is going on around the airport – with buildings and businesses and better roads. Pierre said,

“We just need peace and then we can build.” Continue reading

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