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A social innovator in communication strategies & technologies for global development, Neelley is the founder of Harper Hill Global. Check out her game-changing work:

When Dreams Become Reality

Have you ever seen something in your mind? Something that you can only describe to others until the day it becomes reality? This has happened so much in my life. I can see something as it can be, just taste … Continue reading

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A Good Neighbor

I first met Roger when visiting Glencliff United Methodist Church with members from Sixty-First Avenue UMC. Roger lives across the street from Glencliff, but this was his first time to visit. A lifelong member of the Church of Christ, he … Continue reading

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I was struck by the strength that came through her petite frame. As Helene spoke about the work that United Methodist women in East Congo were doing to help survivors of sexual violence, her strength of character was evidenced in … Continue reading

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Who’s Knocking?

  UPDATE: 2 pm I just received a call from Covenant Capital Group management and was told that, after Monday,  all tenants were given the chance to extend their leases through May 31st. I’m thankful for this compassionate response, and … Continue reading

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Communicating for Social Good

I’ve been working on my new startup called Harper Hill Global (HHG) whose mission is to empower the human spirit through media, messaging and mobile solutions. I will share more about this when the time is right! HHG’s first project is … Continue reading

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The Cross

The Cross a symbol of betrayal and pain anguish and death. a self offering for atonement and reconciliation. the tomb awaits.   a mother weeps. old friends flee a criminal believes. Christ’s saving power even on the cross leads a … Continue reading

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Meeting Ahmed Kathrada of South Africa

I am deeply saddened this morning to learn of the passing of Ahmed Kathrada, a true hero of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.  For those that don’t recognize the name, he was sentenced along with Nelson Mandela and … Continue reading

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Learning to ROAR

I came up with a method (ROAR) to channel energy during this presidency, and now I’m working it. Here’s my first experience. Continue reading

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I Cannot Stand Idly By

Rallying cries resound from women marching in the streets – stirring something within me that challenges me on many levels. I want to make a difference. But why? How? What difference will my actions make for those I love, for our daughters, our granddaughter and still future generations? Continue reading

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The Crumbs We Leave Behind

Years ago, I visited an art museum in Memphis, Tennessee – meandering about until I found an exhibit on the civil rights movement. I still remember how I felt reading about Dr. Martin Luther King’s “kitchen table” experience and how … Continue reading

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